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Katie Zhu

@NorthwesternU senior who loves computers, coffee and food. Also Beyoncé. Previously @GOOD + @nprapps. Currently @knightlab. Future[ly] @nytimes + @medium. bio from Twitter

Susan J. Fowler

Editor in Chief of @IncrementMag. Wife of @rigetti. Founder of @susansbookclub. I love all things computer science, math, physics, and philosophy. bio from Twitter

Angie Jones

Consulting Automation Engineer | Certified Java Programmer | Master Inventor | Web Developer | Adjunct Professor | Advocate of Women & Minorities in Tech bio from Twitter


Empowering women developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors.

Kristy T.

Designer @IDEO, chronic overtweeter, professional internetter, jubilant jive talker. I love design / tech / startups / education. Views expressed are my own. bio from Twitter

Mina Markham

Product Designer & Front-End Architect at @IBMdesign. Speaker. Sasstronaut. Organizer @FrontPorchIO. Founder @gdiDFW. @SyracuseU. INFP. STEMinist. ***Flawless

Bobbie Johnson

Gadabout, troublemaker, cyborg. Past lives @medium, @readmatter, @guardian. Now? Making media and stories with @anxymag and more. bobbie@bobbiejohnson.net bio from Twitter

Amélie Lamont

Product designer(d) and writer based in Brooklyn, NY working at The New York Times

Fareed Mosavat

Father, Winchester, MA. GM, Zynga, Cambridge, MA. bio from Twitter

Lara Hogan

Engineering Director @ Etsy

sailor mercury

computer scientist girl armed with a bubble gun | engineer at @airbnb bio from Twitter

Terri Burns

product $twtr. chairlady @techatnyu. beyoncé once told me i was beautiful. ✨ bio from Twitter

stacy-marie ishmael

Past & present @FT: VP Communities; Tilt editor; original @ftalpha-villain. smi@ft.com. @percolate alum. #awesomewomen. Into product. Trinidadian-at-large. bio from Twitter


contributing editor @Motherboard. nested deep inside #toomanyfolders. sarah@sarahjeong. net | PGP: http://keybase.io/sarahjeong bio from Twitter

ACLU National

The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest org devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America. Links: http://bit.ly/pages/privacy bio from Twitter

Sam P

"robo-creator-evangelist", software engineer of sorts, madman

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a non-profit that provides Black software engineers with the connections and skills needed to start and stay in the industry, and advance into leadership roles. bio from Twitter

Jon Kuperman

javascript horologist, (barely) functional programmer @twitter bio from Twitter

jessie frazelle

blah blah blah tupperware... linux bio from Twitter


Events Platform Lead at @CodeMontage | tech head, social good heart, pizza stomach | All opinions are my own, though you should feel free to use them, too. bio from Twitter