Hendrik Ebbers

Java Punk at canoo - Founder of JUGDortmund - JavaOne Rockstar, jsr377 & bean validation EG member, Java Champion - Blogs at guigarage.com - Loves Star Wars ;)

Hendrik Ebbers is Java developer at Canoo Engineering AG and lives in Dortmund, Germany. He is the founder and leader ... See full bio

Dortmund in Germany

Spoken at 11 events in 5 countries

Hendrik Ebbers recently attended

  1. GeeCON 2017

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    17th19th May 2017

    Hendrik Ebbers spoke

  2. JavaLand 2016

    Germany Germany, Brühl

    8th10th March 2016

    Hendrik Ebbers spoke

  3. Devoxx Belgium 2015

    Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

    9th13th November 2015

    Hendrik Ebbers spoke

  4. Java Forum Nord '15

    Germany Germany, Hanover

    6th October 2015

    Hendrik Ebbers spoke

  5. webinale 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    7th11th June 2015

    Hendrik Ebbers spoke

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