Guillaume C. Marty

JavaScript developer with a strong passion for open/new/disruptive technologies

Guillaume is passionate about web technologies and loves hacking and building crazy things on top of open technologies. He’s also ... See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 3 events in 3 countries

Guillaume C. Marty recently attended

  1. View Source Conference Berlin

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    12th14th September 2016

    Guillaume C. Marty attended

  2. MLOC.JS JavaScript Conference 2015

    Hungary Hungary, Budapest

    18th19th June 2015

    Guillaume C. Marty spoke

  3. dotJS 2014

    France France, Paris

    17th November 2014

    Guillaume C. Marty attended

  4. Firefox OS Bug Squash Party

    England England, London

    1st2nd November 2014

    Guillaume C. Marty was involved

  5. JSConf EU 2014

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    13th14th September 2014

    Guillaume C. Marty attended

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