Edward Betts

European data hacker.

Cambridge in England

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

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Alex Willmer

Python developer by trade. Tricopter crasher and armchair energy pundit at weekends. Pun usually intended bio from Twitter

Martin L Poulter

Philosophy PhD; psychology buff; skeptic; musical hobbyist; work for @CO90s & @economics_net; Associate of @WikimediaUK; views are personal bio from Twitter

Anand Giridharadas

Columnist for New York Times and International Herald Tribune. Author of INDIA CALLING. Download first chapter free and order here: http://amzn.to/b5XaNS bio from Twitter

Deb Nicholson

I like nerd stuff and freedom and eating new things. bio from Twitter

Rory Sutherland

Fat bloke at Ogilvy, IPA; The Wiki Man bio from Twitter

Phoebe Ayers

I actually update this thing over at http://identi.ca/phoebe; follow me there instead if you like. I rarely check twitter. bio from Twitter

Vince Cable

Official Twitter from the office of the Business Secretary bio from Twitter

John Markoff

New York Times science writer bio from Twitter


Don't be the one they hear. Be the one they talk about. bio from Twitter

Kate Raworth

DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS is out now! Renegade economist, Senior Visiting Research Associate, ECI, Oxford University. bio from Twitter

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Jon Worth

Idealistic European with a British passport. Member of the Grüne in Germany. Campaigner, consultant, blogger. Writes about EU, DE, UK and tech. Train traveller. bio from Twitter

Brian Cox

Currently working on a book and lecture course at the University of Manchester. About to start filming Wonders of Life for BBC / Discovery Science Channel bio from Twitter

Erica Brescia

Co-founder of BitNami, the app store for server software. Lover of all things culinary. YC W13. bio from Twitter

Tom de Grunwald

Developing TV, Music and Multimedia productions.

Amjith Ramanujam

Python Agent Engineer @newrelic. Love Coding (Python, C, C++Smalltalk), Aikido, Biking and Hiking.

Nick Reynolds

Currently working for BBC Online. This is my personal account. RTs do not imply endorsement. bio from Twitter

Ian Ozsvald

AI researcher/Data Scientist, Pythonista, author of The Screencasting Handbook, entrepreneurial geek, £5 App founder, ShowMeDoer bio from Twitter

Michael Smethurst

controller of graph bio from Twitter

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