Edward Betts

European data hacker.

Cambridge in England

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

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dan barker

i'm a big fan of ecommerce, emarketing, ebusiness, & selected other words beginning with e. bio from Twitter

Thea Amanda

Changer + Programmer to be PGP Fingerprint: FBD2 EB70 7DD9 0E87 E777 4CAA A96E 8D31 02A5 BD60 bio from Twitter

amy nguyen

monitoring/infra @pinterest | intersectional feminism, tech, writing, philosophy, vegetarianism, and cats. she/her! bio from Twitter

Andrej Karpathy

CS PhD student at Stanford. I like to train Deep Neural Nets on large datasets (especially in Computer Vision / NLP). On a quest to solve intelligence. bio from Twitter

Morgan Housel

Fool, WSJ, easily distracted. bio from Twitter

George Eaton

Editor of the New Statesman's Staggers blog. george@newstatesman.co.uk bio from Twitter

Davey Shafik

Professional PHP Developer, Author and Speaker. Community Engineer for Engine Yard

Aleksi Knuutila

PhD candidate at the UCL Digital Anthropology programme, investigating the web-mediated sharing economy - the perfect excuse for nosing around in social media. bio from Twitter

matt blaze

Scientist, safecracker. 140 is the new 1536. bio from Twitter

Lim Chee Aun

Product engineer. GitHub stargazer. Anime lover.

Jonathan Jensen

Payments product specialist, fascinated by the convergence of payments and mobile technology, blogger, Apple enthusiast

Nick Bilton

Reporter and Lead Technology Writer, The New York Times, Bits Blog. NYU Adjunct Professor. Author, book: 'I Live in the Future & Here's How it Works' bio from Twitter

Tobie Langel

Open Web advocate. bio from Twitter


human living 1 degree north; FOSS; HHH; ieee; singaporean bio from Twitter

Steve Jalim

Tech lead @iheartyunojuno, Maker-in-Chief @SomeFantastic, husband, father, writer of http://leanpub.com/freelancedeveloperbook, superhero (part-time) bio from Twitter

Luis Villa

San Francisco lawyer interested in the overlap between East Coast code (law) and West Coast code (software).

Rob Pike

research!rob bio from Twitter

Lindsey Simon

Programmer, cook, strummer. bio from Twitter

Joshua Benton

Director, Nieman Lab (@niemanlab) at Harvard. Former investigative reporter & music critic. Proud Cajun. Cat-sharer w/ @leahalexis. Building websites since '94. bio from Twitter

Brian Gluckman

PR, social media and mobile strategy at Glover Park Group, tweeting about cars, cats, food, GLBT, liberal politics, travel, and change for the greater good. bio from Twitter

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