Shai Yallin

Software Philosopher, TDD fanatic and Scala advocate

I'm a software engineer, advocating TDD at "Wix.com":http://www.wix.com. I'm currently the engineering lead for a cutting edge JavaScript project. Before ... See full bio

Tel Aviv in Israel

Spoken at 4 events in 3 countries

Shai Yallin recently attended

  1. DevDays Vilnius 2017

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius County

    17th19th May 2017

    Shai Yallin spoke

  2. XP2016

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    24th27th May 2016

    Shai Yallin spoke

  3. Continuous Lifecycle London

    England England, London

    3rd5th May 2016

    Shai Yallin attended

  4. Voxxed days Vilnius

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius

    18th September 2015

    Shai Yallin spoke

  5. ScalapeƱo 2014

    Israel Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

    22nd September 2014

    Shai Yallin was involved

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