Bob Ippolito

@missionbit board member & lead instructor. Former founder/CTO of Mochi Media. Open source python/js/erlang/haskell/obj-c developer.

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 20 events in 9 countries

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Felienne Hermans

Assistant Professor at @serg_delft. I like programming, public speaking, spreadsheets, running, software research, lindyhop, Lego Mindstorms, gaming and movies. bio from Twitter

Jason Scott

Proprietor of http://TEXTFILES.COM, historian, filmmaker, archivist, famous cat maintenance staff. Works on/for/over the Internet Archive. bio from Twitter


outsider scientist. nontrepreneur. crackpot. bio from Twitter

Carlos Baquero

Teaching distributed systems and a researcher at HASLab. Old taxonomist of CRDTs. Co-founder http://eurotux.com bio from Twitter


Developer, leader, teacher, consultant, education advocate, author. lizTheDeveloper@gmail.com bio from Twitter

Rob Coneybeer

Co-Founder of Shasta Ventures, a Sand Hill Road based venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies. Father of 5. Gadget lover. bio from Twitter


Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. bio from Twitter

Neal Sales-Griffin

Co-Founder of @StarterLeague. I like video games. I build things. Would you kindly follow my twitter? bio from Twitter

Rachel Myers

rubyist and whiskey drinker bio from Twitter

Wayne Chang

Global Head of Developer Experience @Twitter. Prev: @Crashlytics, @Dropbox, @Napster, and more. Angel investor and also a travel junkie. bio from Twitter

Jason Hoffman

Datacenter Industrialist. Head of Cloud @ericsson. Founder and former CTO @joyent. The worser half of @mj. bio from Twitter

Brian L. Troutwine

Software developer; have keyboard, will hack. I make real-time systems @AdRoll. bio from Twitter

Charles Forman

I founded OMGPOP. I have the best job in the world. bio from Twitter

Kitt Hodsden

@drupal dev, ex-@twitter eng, @hackerdojo co-founder, @kickstarter fan. I live on chocolate & automate everything. Networks slow when I'm around, blame the NSA.

Reza Ali

| Design | Interaction | Interfaces | New Media | Generative | Hardware | Software | bio from Twitter

Ross Boucher

Happiness is my default position. bio from Twitter

Yorick Laupa

Scala lover, Haskell fanatic and Frege contributor bio from Twitter

Robert Brunner

Designer, businessperson, artist, writer, observer of things bio from Twitter


@Azure ☁️ Developer Advocate for #MachineLearning, #DataViz, and #AI 🤖. My ♥️ belongs to #Python🐍 & #rstats. ✨I predict the future with computers.👩‍💻 bio from Twitter