Evelina Gabasova

Researcher in computational biology, doing #machinelearning, #datascience, #fsharp and #rstats

Spoken at 28 events in 10 countries

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Zack ✏️

Security consultant - Hacker - Frenglisher - My tweets reflect my personal geeky opinion. bio from Twitter

João Lebre

Software Developer in training, passionate sound engineer and musician. Analogue GearGeek, always eager to learn tech stuff http://www.caffeinatedaudio.co.uk bio from Twitter

Mustafa Suleyman

Co-founder DeepMind - Ethical AI - DeepMind Health Arrives! bio from Twitter

Gien Verschatse

.NET consultant @ eMenka NV bio from Twitter

Adam Tornhill

Adam Tornhill is a programmer, psychologist, Lisp hacker, author, and a fan of music and martial arts.

Gary Marcus

Scientist & author of New York Times Bestseller @Guitar_Zero_. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/26/books/gary-marcus-professor-at-nyu-picks-up-a-guitar.html bio from Twitter

Nicola Owen

Work at @Houseoftest. Passionate about Context Driven Testing. Born and bred in NZ. Keen to spend 2016 trying new food. bio from Twitter


F# girl (An organizer of F# Meetup in Tokyo), 「K泉氏公認F#ガール」 #fsugjp bio from Twitter

Vagif Abilov

Vagif Abilov is a Russian/Norwegian software developer and architect working for Miles.

Next at:

NDC Oslo 2017

Norway Norway, Oslo

12th16th June 2017


Wearables for Health. PhD student at Maynooth University, Insight Centre for Data Analytics. MIT App Inventor core developer. bio from Twitter

Niall Merrigan

Irish .NET Developer living in Norway, ASP:NET MVP, ASPInsider, DevSec enthusiast. Energetic speaker and rugby nut. Views my own & not my employer bio from Twitter

Jezen Thomas

Vim enthusiast and soft writer of wares. I do all my own stunts. bio from Twitter

David Salgado

//TODO insert sarcastic and intelligent tags that would define me & my role in msft

Reg Braithwaite

At either end of the educational spectrum, there lies a hacker class.

Next at:

NDC Oslo 2017

Norway Norway, Oslo

12th16th June 2017

Tamizh Vendan

Pragmatic, Passionate & Polyglot Programmer | Full Stack Solution Provider | Functional Programming Evangelist | Author of F# Applied bio from Twitter

Greg Shackles

Engineer at @Olo, Xamarin MVP, co-host of @GoneMobileCast, @OReillyMedia author, organizer of @NYCMobileDev, co-creator of @myEchoApp, Metalhead, Homebrewer bio from Twitter

Fast Forward Labs

A machine intelligence research company. Reporting on the recently possible. bio from Twitter