Evelina Gabasova

Machine learning, data science, #fsharp and #rstats.

Spoken at 32 events in 11 countries

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danah boyd

social media scholar, youth researcher & advocate | Microsoft Research, NYU Media Culture & Communication, Harvard Berkman Center | zephoria@zephoria.org bio from Twitter

Mat McLoughlin

Software developer. I enjoy climbing and surfing (in cold water). Powered by Beard. I work on this thing called omnisharp. Not from Manchester. bio from Twitter

Chris Olah

Math and 3D-printing obsessed, Haskell-loving, Linux-using, vegetarian, rambling, member of hacklab.to! bio from Twitter

Olivier Grisel

Datageek, engineer @Parietal_INRIA, contributor to scikit-learn. I like Python, NumPy, Spark & interested in Machine Learning, NLProc, {Big|Linked|Open} Data. bio from Twitter

dj patil

Building products at RelateIQ - http://www.relateiq.com bio from Twitter

Christopher Manning

Find out what I'm up to at @stanfordnlp. bio from Twitter

Katia Mustafina

Computer scientist bio from Twitter

Skills Matter

We help our 60,000+passionate community of developers learn and share skills to write better software through talks, conferences, courses, meetups & SkillCasts.

Chris Smith

Googler, author of Programming F#, and all-around nice guy.

Serg Hospodarets

Lead Front-End Developer / Engineering Manager, speaker, and CSS / JavaScript enthusiast. bio from Twitter

Charles Stross

I tell lies for money.

François Chollet

Machine learning architect at PaperG. On a quest to solve intelligence.

Stanford NLP Group

Computational Linguistics—Natural Language—Machine Learning—Deep Learning. And misc technology from Silicon Valley. (@chrmanning, @jurafsky & @percyliang) bio from Twitter

Matt Burgess

Journalist: Digital magazines / Writing book on FOI: @routledgebooks / Created: @FOIDirectory / mattburgess100@gmail.com bio from Twitter

Anima Anandkumar

Principal research scientist @awscloud, Associate Professor (on leave)@UCIrvine, #MachineLearning #optimization #Tensors bio from Twitter


Facts you can use from the Guardian. Mash them up and tell us about it. Facts are Sacred: The power of data (Guardian Shorts) eBook http://amzn.to/t2dAnR bio from Twitter