Rick Falkvinge

Founder of the first Pirate Party. Worldwide speaker on net liberty and the right to privacy. Author of Swarmwise: the tactical manual to changing the world.

Stockholm in Sweden

Spoken at 7 events in 6 countries

Attended 7 past events

  1. Meaning 2013

    England England, Brighton

    8th November 2013

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  2. t2'12

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    25th26th October 2012

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  3. Node Dublin 2012

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    18th19th October 2012

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  4. JSConf US 2012

    United States United States, Scottsdale

    2nd3rd April 2012

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  5. TEDx Observer 2012

    England England, London

    10th March 2012

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  6. The Next Web 2011

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    27th29th April 2011

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

  7. Internetdagarna 2010

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    26th27th October 2010

    Rick Falkvinge spoke

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