L Johnston

Editor/host/founder of Hack Circus

TEDx Brighton (The Millennium) TEDx Sheffield (Happenstance Project) Improving Reality (time travel & the Millennium) Spacetacular (Star Wars/ Star Trek) ... See full bio

Sheffield City in England

Spoken at 31 events in 2 countries

L Johnston recently attended

  1. Random String

    England England, Coventry

    10th11th June 2016

    L Johnston spoke

  2. Wuthering Bytes

    England England, Hebden Bridge

    26th September to 2nd October 2015

    L Johnston spoke

  3. Hack Circus: Underworlds

    England England, London

    23rd March 2015

    L Johnston spoke

  4. dConstruct 2014

    England England, Brighton

    5th September 2014

    L Johnston spoke

  5. Hack Circus: Access All Areas

    England England, Brighton and Hove City

    14th June 2014

    L Johnston was involved spoke

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