Frederic Lepied

Senior Manager @ Red Hat

Frédéric Lepied is a Senior Manager at Red Hat. He has been involved with the Open Source movement since 1996. ... See full bio

Le Chesnay in France

Spoken at 5 events in 3 countries

Frederic Lepied recently attended

  1. Paris Open Source Summit 2015

    France France, Paris

    18th19th November 2015

    Frederic Lepied spoke

  2. OpenStack Summit 2015 - Vancouver

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    18th22nd May 2015

    Frederic Lepied spoke

  3. OpenStack Summit 2014 - Paris

    France France, Paris

    3rd7th November 2014

    Frederic Lepied spoke

  4. OpenStack Summit

    United States United States, Atlanta

    12th16th May 2014

    Frederic Lepied spoke

  5. PyCon 2014

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    9th17th April 2014

    Frederic Lepied attended

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