Karolina Szczur

Designer, developer, speaker and writer.

Product, photography, community, diversity and inclusivity. Co-running @jsconfeu, @cssconfau, past @cssconfoak. See full bio

Melbourne in Australia

Spoken at 21 events in 15 countries

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Tracy Chou

pinterest engineer! quora '10-11, stanford mscs '10, bsee '09. mayfield fellow '09. fb intern '08. goog intern '07. academic interests in ml & optimization. bio from Twitter

Dann Petty

pro surfer (web), freelance web/app design, entrepreneur, on a diet at http://dannsdiet.com, http://dribbble.com/dannpetty, http://be.net/dannpetty bio from Twitter

Pat Allan

Gelato connoisseur, pancake master, recovering events organiser, and web developer. He/him. bio from Twitter

Joel Gascoigne

Founder of @bufferapp, a smarter way to share. Focused on the lean startup approach and customer happiness. I'm always learning and love to help :) me@joel.is bio from Twitter

Susan J. Fowler

Editor in Chief of @IncrementMag. Wife of @rigetti. Founder of @susansbookclub. I love all things computer science, math, physics, and philosophy. bio from Twitter

ally long

I really have a thing for cabbages. This is why I moved to Germany. Working at @eHealth_africa (not cabbage-related). bio from Twitter

Josh Pigford

I make stuff for a living: Sabotage, PopSurvey, Temper, PugSpot, Tiny Farmstead and lots of other little bits and pieces of internet awesome.

John Barton

Bicycle, book, and booze enthusiast. Rubyist. Co-founder at http://goodfil.ms (follow @goodfilmshq) #emumarch @allspaw bio from Twitter

Dylan Field

2012 Thiel Fellow. ex @Flipboard, CS/Math @BrownUniversity. Obsessed with creative tools, data, drones, CV, cognition, identity, new media and narrative. bio from Twitter

Katie Mack

(a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of airplane food bio from Twitter

Camille Fournier

VP of Architecture at Rent the Runway

Dan Abramov

I move slow and maintain things. ❤ React, Webpack, Xamarin. ☕ Stampsy. bio from Twitter

🍷 Gif Sommelier 🍷

Artist, musician, developer, and maker / @nodejs ctc member / developer advocate for @googlecloud / Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own. bio from Twitter

Alasdair Monk

One Direction dropout and design @GoCardless. Also MobileDN, @payyrapp @linesapp @flatsies. 50% of Speakeasy. Digital sous chef for @lyleslondon bio from Twitter

Danny Trinh

Designer at @Path, once at Digg, UNC. Be kind, work hard, play hard. bio from Twitter

Monica Dinculescu

✨Emojineer✨ on @polymer & @googlechrome. Looks like she will bite; usually doesn't. Unless you're pizza.

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Patrick Hamann

Web performance engineer, Fastly

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Generate London 2017

England England, London

20th22nd September 2017

Sarah Mei

Founder of @railsbridge. Director of Ruby Central. Chief Consultant of @devmyndsoftware. IM IN UR BASE TEACHIN U HOW TO REFACTOR UR CODE

Dion Almaer

technologist, product engineer and human dev aggregator bio from Twitter