Karolina Szczur

Designer, developer, speaker and writer.

Product, photography, community, diversity and inclusivity. Co-running @jsconfeu, @cssconfau, past @cssconfoak. See full bio

Melbourne in Australia

Spoken at 21 events in 15 countries

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Leigh Honeywell

Geek of all trades, cranky feminist, expat Canuck. @msftsecresponse newbie. Tweets are my opinions only, RTs not necessarily endorsements. bio from Twitter

Mia Blume

Product Design Manager @Pinterest. Previously @Square and @IDEO. When I'm not making something out of pixels, I love to make things with my hands. bio from Twitter

Ophelie Lechat

Web nerd, knitting enthusiast, Canadian living in Melbourne. Head of content, @sitepointdotcom; board member, @awesomemelb. Happiest when making things. bio from Twitter

Amélie Lamont

Product designer(d) and writer based in Brooklyn, NY working at The New York Times

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Asher Wolf

Cryptoparty founder. Amnesty Australia 'Humanitarian Media Award' recipient 2014. Former APS social media officer. bio from Twitter

Jean Hsu

Android developer at @pulsepad, previously at Google. Interested in mobile app development, pottery, and succulents. bio from Twitter

Sarah Lacy

i'm a reporter/author in silicon valley bio from Twitter

Jenna Zeigen

Lead JavaScript princess at @digitalocean. @recursecenter Fall 2012. Loves playing with language— human and programming. My spirit fruit is the blueberry.

Ellen Pao

Team builder, technology enabler and venture investor at Kleiner Perkins bio from Twitter

Tracy Chou

pinterest engineer! quora '10-11, stanford mscs '10, bsee '09. mayfield fellow '09. fb intern '08. goog intern '07. academic interests in ml & optimization. bio from Twitter

Dann Petty

pro surfer (web), freelance web/app design, entrepreneur, on a diet at http://dannsdiet.com, http://dribbble.com/dannpetty, http://be.net/dannpetty bio from Twitter

Pat Allan

Gelato connoisseur, pancake master, recovering events organiser, and web developer. He/him. bio from Twitter

Joel Gascoigne

Founder of @bufferapp, a smarter way to share. Focused on the lean startup approach and customer happiness. I'm always learning and love to help :) me@joel.is bio from Twitter

Susan J. Fowler

Editor in Chief of @IncrementMag. Wife of @rigetti. Founder of @susansbookclub. I love all things computer science, math, physics, and philosophy. bio from Twitter

ally long

I really have a thing for cabbages. This is why I moved to Germany. Working at @eHealth_africa (not cabbage-related). bio from Twitter

Josh Pigford

I make stuff for a living: Sabotage, PopSurvey, Temper, PugSpot, Tiny Farmstead and lots of other little bits and pieces of internet awesome.

John Barton

Bicycle, book, and booze enthusiast. Rubyist. Co-founder at http://goodfil.ms (follow @goodfilmshq) #emumarch @allspaw bio from Twitter

Dylan Field

2012 Thiel Fellow. ex @Flipboard, CS/Math @BrownUniversity. Obsessed with creative tools, data, drones, CV, cognition, identity, new media and narrative. bio from Twitter

Katie Mack

(a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of airplane food bio from Twitter