Francis Rowland

UX designer; sketchnoter, aikidoka, family guy. Co-organiser of @camusability.

UX designer with lots of experience of working with scientists and developers, and with a background in web design. Co-organiser ... See full bio

Cambridge in England

Spoken at 12 events in 4 countries

Francis Rowland recently attended

  1. Clients Don’t Suck

    England England, Cambridge

    9th June 2016

    Francis Rowland was involved Senior UX Architect at @wearesigma and co-organiser of @camusability

  2. Building stronger teams for better UX

    England England, Cambridge

    19th May 2016

    Francis Rowland was involved

  3. Same Same But Different

    England England, Cambridge

    12th April 2016

    Francis Rowland was involved

  4. Camp Digital 2016

    England England, Manchester

    16th17th March 2016

    Francis Rowland spoke

  5. From Robotics to Patient Care

    England England, Cambridge

    25th February 2016

    Francis Rowland was involved Co-organiser

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