Fraser Speirs

Head of Computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence, the world's first 1:1 iPad school. Podcast: http://outofschool.net

Spoken at 14 events in 6 countries

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Chris Parker

Programmer. Thinker. Juggler. Skier. I work at the fruit company. Trying to learn more about design & programming & everything else. Always too much to learn. bio from Twitter

Deric Horn

File Systems Engineering @ Apple bio from Twitter

Brett Kelly

Typist at @Evernote and @nerdgap. Missed my matriculation appointment.  bio from Twitter

Tim Bradshaw

Tech & internet reporter @FinancialTimes. Recent transplant from London to SF. Views = mine, not FT's. Retweets ≠ endorsements. tim.bradshaw@ft.com bio from Twitter

Rainer Brockerhoff

Mac Developer 'since 1969' ;-)

Joshua Topolsky

Editor-in-chief of The Verge, reformed producer, lover of creepy movies. bio from Twitter

Chris Breen

The guy living under The Hair. bio from Twitter

Srini Swaminathan

Teacher @TeachForIndia Fellow.Long distance runner and cyclist. bio from Twitter

Gus Mueller

Guitar, software, rock climbing. bio from Twitter

Matt Farrugia

I run BitWink. We make iOS & Android apps in Edinburgh, Scotland. bio from Twitter

Shawn Taggart

Apple Distinguished Educator eLearning Manager Manage an iPad 1:1 project Keen Disaster Movie watcher bio from Twitter

Jeff Carlson

Mac author and espresso addict. bio from Twitter

Daniel Kennett

Cocoa developer, Lego builder, model railway owner. Yes, I'm a geek. Who likes Taylor Swift, damnit. bio from Twitter

Matt Webb

Blogging at @intrcnnctd. Mozhe shitou guo he. bio from Twitter

Jacqui Cheng

Senior Apple Editor at Ars Technica. Also office therapist, sometimes social organizer, and Chief Cat Herder. A student of humanity and technology. bio from Twitter


doc. student, ed tech admin, math teacher, musician, passable golfer, Apple Distinguished Educator, Explain Everything creator http://www.explaineverything.com bio from Twitter

Kerri Hicks

Brown Library, research, web, programmer, emerging tech, textiles, food, plotters/3D printing. Mom, Xcode widow. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and glitter. bio from Twitter