Michael P. Pfeiffer

Organizer of CSSconf EU

London in England

Spoken at 1 event in 1 country

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W3cplus创始人,目前就职于淘宝。对HTML5、CSS3和Sass等前端脚本语言有非常深入的认识和丰富的实践经验,尤其专注对CSS 3的研究。CSS3、Sass和Drupal中国布道者。2014年出版《图解CSS3:核心技术与案例实战》。 bio from Twitter

Max Stoiber

I travel around the world, brew coffee, ski mountains and make stuff on the web. Open source developer advocate (@KeystoneJS @ElementalUI), part of @reactvienna

David Khourshid

Pianist and Web Developer, with a passion for Sass and JavaScript. http://codepen.io/davidkpiano bio from Twitter

Amy Hoy

design + dev + bootstrapping + crazy chair lady bio from Twitter

Julia Rechkunova

Frontend Engineer at @zalandotech bio from Twitter

Christopher Biscardi

JS, Haskell, Distributed Systems, Microservices, YouTube, Author: #SnapforBeginners #FutureUI ex-@docker @dropbox bio from Twitter

Adonis K.

Frontend at @goodvidio • http://codepen.io/adoniskhttp://github.com/varemenos • Currently serving my 9 month mandatory military service bio from Twitter

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Web/Javascript enthusiast • HTML5/CSS3 addict • OSS • #AngularJS and #ReactJS • Web performance guy bio from Twitter

Nicolas Zimmel

Visual Designer @XING_de / Art Director / Music Blogger ::: designing @CSSconfeu and @Reeperbahn_Fest ::: Founder / Curator @camelsandlions bio from Twitter

Nataliya Karatkova

freelance. frontend. bio from Twitter

Jon Munson

Digital Producer / Strategist / Front-end Web Developer

Joey Di Nardo

Learning to listen, listening to learn. Mindful approaches to front-end development ✌︎ Sr JS Dev @langateam bio from Twitter

André Alves

Daydreamer. bio from Twitter

Artur Paikin

I travel, grow food, brew coffee, ride a foldable bike, make web stuff, automate my home and tell stories.


i do not shut up about my shiba inu bio from Twitter

Wassim Chegham

Developer Advocate @SFEIR • GDE @Google

Tadeu Zagallo

Software Engineer @Facebook working on @ReactNative. bio from Twitter

Gurmukh Panesar

Creative Engineer at Google London. CSS /Javascript / HTML #Googler bio from Twitter