Felix Zapata

Senior Front End developer and Web Accessibility Consultant.

Madrid WordPress Meetup founder. Occasional speaker. VATSIM Online Pilot and ATC See full bio

Madrid in Spain

Spoken at 5 events in 1 country

Felix Zapata recently attended

  1. JSDayES 2017

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    12th13th May 2017

    Felix Zapata attended

  2. WordCamp Madrid 2017

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    22nd23rd April 2017

    Felix Zapata was involved Organizador - Venue spoke

  3. WordCamp Santander 2016

    Spain Spain

    5th6th November 2016

    Felix Zapata spoke

  4. Polymer Day

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    21st22nd October 2016

    Felix Zapata spoke

  5. Polymer Summit

    England England, London

    17th18th October 2016

    Felix Zapata attended

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