Gáspár Nagy

Developer Coach, Creator of SpecFlow

Gáspár is an agile developer coach with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise software development. Currently he works ... See full bio

Budapest in Hungary

Spoken at 23 events in 7 countries

Gáspár Nagy recently attended

  1. Agilia Budapest Conference 2016

    Hungary Hungary, Budapest

    12th14th October 2016

    Gáspár Nagy spoke

  2. Lean Agile Scotland

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    4th7th October 2016

    Gáspár Nagy spoke

  3. Developing with SpecFlow Course at Skills Matter

    England England, London

    21st23rd September 2016

    Gáspár Nagy spoke

  4. London Tester Gathering Workshops 2016

    England England, London

    2nd3rd June 2016

    Gáspár Nagy spoke

  5. Scaffolding a legacy app with BDD scenarios using SpecFlow/Cucumber

    England England, London

    24th May 2016

    Gáspár Nagy spoke

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