Gautam Rege

Rubyist, Entrepreneur, Author, Co-founder and Director at http://www.joshsoftware.com

Driven by his passion for programming, Gautam co-founded Josh Software with Sethupathi Asokan in 2007. Gautam who still codes religiously ... See full bio

Pune in India

Spoken at 17 events in 8 countries

Gautam Rege recently attended

  1. RubyConf Philippines 2017

    Philippines Philippines, Bohol

    16th18th March 2017

    Gautam Rege spoke

  2. Web Summit 2016

    Portugal Portugal, Lisbon

    8th10th November 2016

    Gautam Rege spoke

  3. RISE 2016

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    31st May to 2nd June 2016

    Gautam Rege spoke

  4. Collision

    United States United States, New Orleans

    26th28th April 2016

    Gautam Rege spoke

  5. Web Summit 2015

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    3rd5th November 2015

    Gautam Rege spoke

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