Javier Carranza Torres

Economist and geo knowledge visionaire. Powered by GeoCensos.

Social scientist with academic and practical knowledge of Geo Information Ecologies. Executor and evangelist of geo information projects for developing ... See full bio

Bogota in Colombia

Spoken at 8 events in 6 countries

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  1. Telework 2014

    Colombia Colombia, Santa Marta

    20th22nd August 2014

    Javier Carranza Torres was involved

  2. Geomob May 2014

    England England, London

    13th May 2014

    Javier Carranza Torres attended

  3. State of the Map US 2014

    United States United States, Washington

    12th13th April 2014

    Javier Carranza Torres attended

  4. Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014

    England England, London

    20th22nd February 2014

    Javier Carranza Torres spoke

  5. Geocensos Road Show 2013

    Colombia Colombia, Santa Marta

    16th August 2013

    Javier Carranza Torres was involved spoke

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