Geoffrey De Smet

OptaPlanner lead

Geoffrey De Smet (Red Hat) is the lead and founder of OptaPlanner. Before joining Red Hat in 2010, he was ... See full bio


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Geoffrey De Smet recently attended

  1. INGI seminar on May 26th: OptaPlanner

    Belgium Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve

    26th May 2014

    Geoffrey De Smet spoke

  2. FOSDEM 2014

    Belgium Belgium, Brussels

    1st2nd February 2014

    Geoffrey De Smet spoke

  3. Orbel28 (2014)

    Belgium Belgium

    30th31st January 2014

    Geoffrey De Smet spoke

  4. Devoxx 2013

    Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

    11th15th November 2013

    Geoffrey De Smet attended

  5. RivieraJUG 2013 - Soirée OptaPlanner

    France France, Nice

    2nd May 2013

    Geoffrey De Smet spoke

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