Renée Hendricksen

Ruby Developer for NIRD LLC

President and Chief Adventure Officer of NIRD, LLC, a technical consulting company in Seattle, WA, USA. Renée also teaches Ruby ... See full bio

Seattle in United States

Spoken at 8 events in 7 countries

Renée Hendricksen recently attended

  1. Abril Pro Ruby 2014

    Brazil Brazil, Recife

    24th27th April 2014

    Renée Hendricksen spoke

  2. RubyConf Australia 2013

    Australia Australia, Melbourne

    20th22nd February 2013

    Renée Hendricksen spoke

  3. Rubyfuza 2013

    South Africa South Africa, Cape Town

    7th8th February 2013

    Renée Hendricksen spoke

  4. Rails Girls Berlin July

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    13th14th July 2012

    Renée Hendricksen was involved spoke

  5. Scottish Ruby Conference 2012

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    29th30th June 2012

    Renée Hendricksen spoke

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