Guillaume Laforge

Product Ninja and Advocate at Restlet, and Groovy project lead

At Restlet, Guillaume Laforge is taking care of the Product Leadership around the APISpark API management platform, the Restlet Studio ... See full bio

Paris in France

Spoken at 47 events in 13 countries

Guillaume Laforge recently attended

  1. ❗🔝❗ DevTernity 2017

    Latvia Latvia, Riga

    1st2nd December 2017

    Guillaume Laforge spoke

  2. Voxxed Days Singapore

    Singapore Singapore

    2nd June 2017

    Guillaume Laforge spoke

  3. JAX 2017

    Germany Germany, Mainz

    8th12th May 2017

    Guillaume Laforge spoke

  4. Devoxx US 2017

    United States United States, San Jose

    21st23rd March 2017

    Guillaume Laforge spoke

  5. Nordic APIs 2016 Platform Summit

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    25th26th October 2016

    Guillaume Laforge spoke

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