eric hellman

Founder of Unglue.it working together to make books free to the world. Join the movement. https://Unglue.it/

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  1. Silicon Valley Crowdfund Startups Ventures

    United States United States, Palo Alto

    4th5th April 2013

    eric hellman spoke

  2. 2012 Charleston Conference

    United States United States, Charleston

    7th10th November 2012

    eric hellman spoke

  3. TOC Frankfurt 2012

    Germany Germany, Frankfurt

    9th October 2012

    eric hellman spoke

  4. Books in Browsers 2011

    United States United States, San Francisco

    26th28th October 2011

    eric hellman spoke

  5. code4Lib 2011

    United States United States, Bloomington

    7th11th February 2011

    eric hellman spoke

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