Raphaël Goetter

Intégrateur du Dimanche, dompteur de CSS et créateur d'Alsacréations.

Créateur et administrateur du site Alsacreations.com, communauté libre d'apprentissage web spécialisée dans les standards. Co-fondateur et co-gérant de l'agence web ... See full bio

Strasbourg in France

Spoken at 16 events in 2 countries

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Morgane Hervé

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Paris Web 2017

France France, Paris

5th7th October 2017

JMaghreb conference

The pragmatic developer's conference... every year around November in Morocco. Running the third edition by November 4-5-6,2014 bio from Twitter

Ire Aderinokun

UI Designer and Front-End Developer / Tech for @bigcabal, publishers of @techcabal and @zikokomag / Blog at http://www.bitsofco.de bio from Twitter

Andrey Sitnik

Author of Autoprefixer, PostCSS and easings.net. Lead frontend in Evil Martians.

Valérie Galassi

WordPress, blogueuse littéraire, #a11y web, neutralité du net. Coworker @ Les Satellites. Intégratrice Front End freelance. En couple avec HTML5 et CSS3. Nice. bio from Twitter

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Paris Web 2017

France France, Paris

5th7th October 2017


Prof de LP un peu geek sur les bords, entre pédagogie de comptoir et Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) bio from Twitter

Philippe Roser

Ergonome, responsable qualité et intégrateur au sein de CAP-TIC bio from Twitter

François REMY

François REMY (FremyCompany) is a young Belgian developer involved in many projects. Tags: Open Web, W3C, HTML|CSS|SVG, JavaScript, VB .NET, Small Basic, MSP. bio from Twitter

Nicolas Gilis

Front-end Developer • co-founder @ eyaka bio from Twitter

Etienne Margraff

Tweeting about #VisualStudio, #ALM and #geek stuff. bio from Twitter


An itinerant pseudonymous engineer with a degree in CivE and an ongoing affair with CSS. // Mozilla 1999–, www-style 2000–, CSSWG 2004–, freelancing 2007–2011 bio from Twitter

Wes Bos

Designer / Developer into JavaScript, jQuery, Node, PHP and WordPress. Instructor at #hackeryou #ladieslearningcode bio from Twitter

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Rachel Andrew

Web developer, writer, speaker and Director of http://t.co/1LDA7o2u

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Web Unleashed 2017

Canada Canada, Toronto

24th26th September 2017

pierre choffe

Independent music manager heading towards Planet Semantix. Running a blog, translation into French of great texts about #css, #html, #design & more bio from Twitter

Damien Senger

Blue-haired UX/UI designer and accessibility advocate

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Paris Web 2017

France France, Paris

5th7th October 2017

Rémi Corson

WordPress lover at @woothemes, I do Plugins, Themes & Support. (NOTE: No WooCommerce support provided via Twitter!) bio from Twitter

Ethan Marcotte

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Experience Code

Canada Canada, Vancouver

31st January to 1st February 2018

Remi Grumeau

Mobile web consultant - happy father of none - HTML5 CSS3 RWD Evangelist bio from Twitter

Darklg | Kévin

Hi ! ∞ HTML5, CSS3, JS, WordPress, Magento, Git, SEO, Productivity ∞ Tea & Coffee Addict ∞ Rabbit Owner & Rock n'Roll→ Freelance Front-End / WP Developer