Graham Gilchrist

Web development and design, shiny tech and other geekery

Spoken at 2 events in 1 country

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Kevin Etienne

Web/app baker bio from Twitter

Monica Messaggi Kaya

Front-end/Javascript Developer: Building the Digital Manuscripts Toolkit / UX/UI / 'designy-geeky' at University of Oxford

Chris Thorpe

Technologist and digital strategist. Also dad, husband, tea drinker. Former CTO of Moshi Monsters, always apologising to parents. bio from Twitter

Una Kravets

Front End Developer @IBMDesign

Steve Bennett

Java Web Developer working at @ebayinc. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of eBay Inc.

Oren Ellenbogen

I BUILD STUFF. Curate awesomeness @ http://softwareleadweekly.com, Engineer @ Commerce Sciences, Author @ http://teamleadtoolbox.com, Explorer of Company DNA. bio from Twitter

Meri Williams

Geek, Manager, CTO, Author, Speaker.

Kristian Glass

Consuming more energy drinks than advisable. I build tech infrastructure and systems. bio from Twitter

Peter West

Web developer at @whiteoctober. I like code, computer games and other things. bio from Twitter

Melissa Wilson

Project Administrator at WO. Cats, tea and it's gotta be gluten free. Co-organiser of DO PM. @doxpm bio from Twitter

Seren D

Girly geek. Dyslexic. Icon Font slayer. Trainee Developer @incuna Nail art blogger- http://ninjanails.com All opinions are my own :) bio from Twitter

Jo Lankester

Head of Design at White October | Self-confessed geek, obsessed with all things type | Runs http://www.theoca.co.uk | Blogs at http://blog.penandpixeldesign.com bio from Twitter

UX Oxford

Monthly talks on User Experience in Oxford. Organised by: @Cathy__Carr, @MarianaMota, @AlPower and @JimmyMorrisUK Sponsored by @BunnyFootsays and @WhiteOctober bio from Twitter

Greg Joy

software developer, student bio from Twitter

jake smith

End of level boss @jp74 Foreman @strutsupport Collector @megadriveme bio from Twitter

scott harrison

scott likes: music, photos, crazy women. scott doesn't like: marmite bio from Twitter

Adam Auckland

Friendly geek, musician and internet person. I build things with technology ranging from small to massive. bio from Twitter

Gareth Jones

Front-end web developer @whiteoctober, until I get killed or they find somebody better. Married to @LauraSoulSinger :) bio from Twitter

Tjobbe Andrews

Web designer and wannabe photographer. http://availability.is/for/tjobbe bio from Twitter

Henry Blyth

Frontender at @incuna and musician. Budding photographer and videographer. Beardy. My parents are wonderful. bio from Twitter