Sven Guckes

Free Software, Efficiency, LightningTalks, TextTools (eg elinks,gpg,irssi,mutt,screen,sed,ssh,tmux,vim,zsh)

Sven Guckes, *1967 in Berlin, lives there still. background in maths and computer science. noticed how important Free Software is, ... See full bio

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 11 events in 3 countries

Sven Guckes recently attended

  1. OpenRheinRuhr 2016

    Germany Germany, Oberhausen

    5th6th November 2016

    Sven Guckes spoke

    Vorträge und Workshops - Stände von Projekten. Guter Event! werde dort einen workshop zu Vim geben.

  2. FrOSCon 2016

    Germany Germany, St. Augustin

    20th21st August 2016

    Sven Guckes spoke

  3. Grazer Linuxtage 2016

    Austria Austria, Graz

    29th30th April 2016

    Sven Guckes spoke

  4. Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016

    Germany Germany, Chemnitz

    19th20th March 2016

    Sven Guckes attended

  5. Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2015

    Germany Germany, Chemnitz

    21st22nd March 2015

    Sven Guckes attended

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