Sven Guckes

Free Software, Efficiency, LightningTalks, TextTools (eg elinks,gpg,irssi,mutt,screen,sed,ssh,tmux,vim,zsh)

Speaker biography

Sven Guckes, *1967 in Berlin, lives there still.
background in maths and computer science.
noticed how important Free Software is, and
became a supporter and missionary for Linux.

as he uses a lot of tools within the terminal,
he grew fond of all the cool features of texttools.
so he talks about them, gave workshops, and
finally even co-authored a book about the "zsh".

currently (Oct+Nov 2014) he's at the T-DOSE,
CommitterConf and OpenRheinRuhr events,
to show the mailer mutt together
with the crypto software GnuPG (gpg),
hoping that everyone will bring his laptop to
create a crypto key and send some email with mutt -
both with digital signatures and encrypted data.

when privacy is outlawed only outlaws will have privacy.

besides: when you finally *know*
that you have a reason for crypto,
it might already be too late. :-P


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