Guust Nieuwenhuis

Owner and Full Stack Web Developer at Orange Lark | Web, CFML and Mura CMS expert | Musician (Double Bass and Drums)

Guust Nieuwenhuis is Senior Full Stack Web Developer at Orange Lark. Orange Lark is a young and dynamic Belgian Company ... See full bio

Kortenberg in Belgium

Spoken at 13 events in 4 countries

Guust Nieuwenhuis recently attended

  1. CFCamp 2016

    Germany Germany, Munich

    20th21st October 2016

    Guust Nieuwenhuis spoke

  2. CFCamp 2015

    Germany Germany, Munich

    22nd23rd October 2015

    Guust Nieuwenhuis attended

  3. CFCamp 2014

    Germany Germany, Germering

    20th21st October 2014

    Guust Nieuwenhuis spoke

  4. Scotch on the Rocks

    Scotland Scotland, City of Edinburgh

    5th6th June 2014

    Guust Nieuwenhuis was involved

  5. MuraCon EU 2014

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    4th June 2014

    Guust Nieuwenhuis spoke

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