Kristina Halvorson

Founder, @BrainTraffic and @ConfabEvents. Author, Content Strategy for the Web. Mom. Minnesotan. Also, sassy.

Spoken at 78 events in 10 countries

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anna pickard

I write stuff. I tend to like everything. My opinions are all my own. I tried offering them around, but no one else wanted them. bio from Twitter

MIT Sloan

The official Twitter account of MIT Sloan School of Management. bio from Twitter

Catharine McNally

Quality & Accessibility Analyst at @phase2tech. Love photography, golf, cooking, & my cochlear implants. bio from Twitter

Christina Wodtke

Ideas are nothing, execution is everything.

Danielle Malik

I design. Because what is the most vulgar thing someone could do? Kill someone. Good taste is the opposite of that. bio from Twitter

Hazel Jennings

I write, travel, climb, tell stories, make films, play uke (poorly), support feminism and live in a tiny home. My dog is my best friend. I work at Instagram. bio from Twitter

Kyle Rush

I optimize web apps for conversions and user experience. Deputy Director of Frontend Web Development at Obama for America. http://wheningit.tumblr.com bio from Twitter

Ira Glass

You can follow @PRI for This American Life tweets. bio from Twitter

David McCreath

Developer at Mule Design. I make stuff work. I have a musical performance podcast: http://muleradio.net/imgp/ bio from Twitter

Amy Thibodeau

Content strategist at Facebook and collector of fleeting experiences. bio from Twitter

David Weinberger

I mainly write about the effect of tech on our ideas bio from Twitter

Trent Walton

Founder & ⅓ of @paravelinc bio from Twitter

Nilofer Merchant

Former CEO, now Corp Director of nasdaq-traded co (EPAX). @Harvardbiz Writer. @TEDx + Speaker. Author, The New How + Social Era Rules (Sep 12) bio from Twitter

Anil Dash

Cofounder of @thinkup & @activateinc and blogger at http://dashes.com since 1999. Reach me at anil@dashes.com or 646 833-8659. I love NYC & the funk. bio from Twitter

Josh Clark

Designer, mobile maven, 11th strongest man in Maine, author of Tapworthy, Couch to 5K creator, sweetheart (@LizaK).

Grant Shellen

Burrito lifting champion bio from Twitter

Aztek Web

A Cleveland web design & web application development firm that specializes in web design, web application development, SEO, SEM, content strategy, and mobile. bio from Twitter

Mike Atherton

#UXDi Lead Instructor at @GA_London. Co-chair of #IAS15. Into brand, words, design, and experience. For a gentler world with kinder surprises.

William Siemers

When I'm not working @BrainTraffic and @ConfabEvents I'm knee deep in a river waving a stick at fish. Or duck hunting. bio from Twitter

Gerry McGovern

Website top tasks management consulting for large organizations bio from Twitter