Herb Kim

Founder of the @ThinkingDigital Conference; Native New Yorker now in Northern England

I am the Founder of @ThinkingDigital Conference and TEDx events across 'the North' including Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and Gateshead. ... See full bio

Newcastle upon Tyne in England

Spoken at 8 events in 1 country

Herb Kim recently attended

  1. Thinking Digital 2016

    England England, Gateshead

    10th11th May 2016

    Herb Kim was involved Conference Director

  2. Thinking Digital Manchester

    England England, Manchester

    2nd3rd November 2015

    Herb Kim was involved Conference Director

  3. Thinking Digital 2015

    England England, Gateshead

    19th21st May 2015

    Herb Kim attended

  4. TEDxSheffield 2014

    England England, Sheffield

    15th November 2014

    Herb Kim was involved

  5. dConstruct 2014

    England England, Brighton

    5th September 2014

    Herb Kim attended

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