Murray Steele

Born in the past. Will die in the future. Until then? This.

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Austin Earl

Helping to distract developers from their screens with pizza and beer! bio from Twitter

Nelson Kenneth Correia

Lead Full-Stack JavaScript Developer bio from LinkedIn

James Chesters

Community geek, skilled in social media and copywriting. Helping companies, startups & events build their presence online.

Skills Matter

UK's biggest community of coders & developers, bringing people togetherto discover, learn & adapt new skills and technologies. Moving to #CodeNode Aug '15 bio from Twitter

Matthew Ford

Director of @BitZesty - a software development company specialising in complex and dynamic web applications.

Matt Willsmore

Principal Consultant at FAST bio from LinkedIn

Naveed Khawaja

Director, Agile & Lean Transformation - Agile CoE at AstraZeneca bio from LinkedIn

Veronika Hillebrand

Front End Developer at Unboxed Consulting bio from LinkedIn

Joseph Wilk

Things with code, creativity and imagination.

Claire (Wagstaff) Kemp

Gardener at Unboxed Consulting bio from LinkedIn

Christopher Thorpe

Digital Strategist and Technologist. bio from LinkedIn

Edward Woodcock

Tech Co-founder Simple Merchant. Rubyist. Moving about with my laptop. Currently in Cheltenham, UK bio from Twitter

Volker Pacher

When I grow up I want to be a random number generator. Senior Staff Engineer @eBay bio from Twitter

Charlie Brooker

Underwhelmist. bio from Twitter

Gov UK (dev team)

Creating one gov.uk to replace many. Prototype http://alpha.gov.uk Blog http://digital.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/category/single-government-domain formerly @alphagov bio from Twitter

Joel Chippindale

COO at @FutureLearn, all half formed reckons are my own bio from Twitter

Chris Patuzzo

I try to build unusual contraptions with code. Keen climber, runner and occasional guitarist. bio from Twitter

Go Free Range

Software development revolutionaries bio from Twitter

Chris Thorpe

CTO of @bimblehq. Technologist and digital strategist. Also dad, husband, tea drinker. Former CTO of Moshi Monsters, always apologising to parents. bio from Twitter

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