Theresa O'Connor

I love @kirinqueen, #babyeoc, #therustyshow, and you. 🏳️‍🌈👩🏻‍💻 at @apple on @webkit. she/her. #girlslikeus

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Rachel Lawson

Mountain biker, web dev, lover of all things Nicolai, Apple, Linn, DSDM Agile & Drupal. Yorkshire born'n'bred but currently enjoying the North Norfolk coast... bio from Twitter

Liz Abinante!

sassy, loud & awesome senior software engineer/aspiring cartoon character. mostly code, feminism & too many humanities degrees. head down crown on! she/her

Andrea Grimes

senior political reporter at @RHRealityCheck :: columnist at @TexasObserver :: comedian :: ranch dip apologist :: header cartoon by @kivabay / @scottmadin bio from Twitter

Alice Boxhall

Abrupt, pensive, and unable to sit still. My thoughts, not my employer's. bio from Twitter

Mariko Kosaka

SVP, Textile Engineering at Scripto ::: Co-organizer @brooklyn_js ::: The Last Reject bio from Twitter

racHELL white

Cat Wrangler. Software Engineer. Professional Napper. // http://c4tp4rty.com http://rachelisaweso.me http://0netrueg0d.com// JavaScript team @behance bio from Twitter

Corey Frang

Programmer @Bocoup, Member of @jQuery Board of Directors, General Geek, Gamer - Social Anxiety Butterfly bio from Twitter

Julie Ann Horvath

Designer at GitHub. Breaks builds, hearts. bio from Twitter

wendy macnaughton

pen not cabinet. bio from Twitter

Michelle Obama

This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the First Lady are signed -mo. bio from Twitter

gwendolyn weston

purple-obsessed, math nerd, singer-songwriter, iOS developer @PlanGrid bio from Twitter

Willow Brugh

Socially compulsive. Need to talk? http://meetme.so/willowbl00 bio from Twitter

Rachel Bobbins

complete and utter bobbins. One time I accidentally leaned into Sheryl Sandberg. engineer @stitchfix bio from Twitter

Rose Eveleth

journalist / podcaster / designer / science nerd / fox enthusiast bio from Twitter


technology geek, photography geek, genealogy geek, and maybe a little of a Harry Potter geek. i do stuff. (usually @google, currently @hackbright.) bio from Twitter

Adrianna Tan

Singaporean. Secret desi. I talk about food, India, Thailand, Mid East, travel, tech, cycling and other things bio from Twitter

Aoife O'Riordan

Eyebrow-wielding sceptic feminist. I will try to make you roller skate.


geeky gender and sexuality warrior with too much free time. bio from Twitter

Audrey Penven

Post-nihilist, post-gender, geeky, artist/photographer type, mostly filled with excitement and curiosity. Sometimes the angry young punk still shows through. bio from Twitter

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