Cory House

Pluralsight Author, Software Architect at Vinsolutions, Independent Consultant

Cory is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP in C#, independent consultant, and blogger with 15 years experience in full-stack software ... See full bio

Kansas City in United States

Spoken at 44 events in 5 countries

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Philip Roberts

Technical Co-Founder of @floatapp, Web Developer, Problem Solver. bio from Twitter

Leland Richardson

Software Developer & Imagineer. I like learning, discussing, and diving into challenges. Founder of bio from Twitter

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Spike Brehm

Front-End Eng at @airbnb, working on Backbone, Node.js, rich web apps. Bassist, funk aficionado.

Sunil Pai

Skinny, smart, sufferin' suckatash. bio from Twitter

Tracy Lee | ladyleet

Love #javascript. My life is hilarious. Sold last startup. Play: @ModernWeb_ @ngcruise @EmberMeetup @EmberSherpa @VentureHacked Track Chair @QConSF bio from Twitter

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Glen Maddern 😎

Cyber-intellectual. Creator of Front End Center. Co-creator of styled-components, CSS Modules. Over uses emoji 😎 bio from Twitter

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Marc Grabanski 🏙💻

Improving how we learn to write great code. ✌CEO of @FrontendMasters. Code and Business. jQuery UI Alumnus. 😄 bio from Twitter

Lin Clark

Developer/communicator working on Drupal's serialization, REST, and HTML data bio from Twitter

Bill Maher

The Official Bill Maher Twitter bio from Twitter

Sam Harris

Author, neuroscientist, Co-founder of Project Reason bio from Twitter

ACLU National

The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest org devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America. Links: bio from Twitter

Jeff Morgan

Founder LeanDog, Agile Coach, and XP Developer bio from Twitter

Danny Brown

All things tech enthusiast. Passion for UX, family, and trying new things. bio from Twitter

James K Nelson

I've been writing #JavaScript for over half my life, and would like to share what I've learned along the way. bio from Twitter

Sarah Drasner

Award-winning speaker. Consultant. Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks. Cofounder, , formerly @trulia (Zillow).

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Naval Ravikant

Founder & CEO, AngelList • Founder Epinions, Vast • Author Startupboy, Venture Hacks • Investor Twitter, others • All opinions are personal. bio from Twitter

Reg Braithwaite

At either end of the educational spectrum, there lies a hacker class.

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NDC Oslo 2017

Norway Norway, Oslo

12th16th June 2017

Steve Green

Chief Digital Officer | Wirestream

Pierre Omidyar

Be you. Be cool. eBay, Omidyar Network, Peer News/Civil Beat. bio from Twitter

Cory Rylan

Software Engineer @vintagesoftware & @angularbootcamp instructor. Aspiring Software Craftsman. Working in JavaScript and the web. Humanist. bio from Twitter