Cory House

Pluralsight Author, Software Architect at Vinsolutions, Independent Consultant

Cory is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP in C#, independent consultant, and blogger with 15 years experience in full-stack software ... See full bio

Kansas City in United States

Spoken at 50 events in 5 countries

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Scott Helme

Information Security Consultant, blogger, builder of things. Creator of @reporturi and @securityheaders. I want to secure the entire web http://scotthel.me/PGP bio from Twitter

Rachel Smith (Stock)

Another Aussie in LA. Web janitor for @active_theory. I go to the same gym as Arnold Schwarzenegger. One time he spoke to me. bio from Twitter

☕ J. B. Rainsberger

European stuck in a Canadian's body. Barista. 5-pin Bowler. Adviser to software companies. Lifestyle designer. Friend. http://online-training.jbrains.ca bio from Twitter

Simon Sinek

To run & jump & laugh & cry & love & hope & imagine...to experience as much as I can all for one purpose: to inspire. TED: http://bit.ly/dcDsbx bio from Twitter

Alain de Botton

Writer, Founder of The School of Life & Living Architecture bio from Twitter

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Pure concentrated awesome.

Nassim N. Taleb

Twitter acct restarted. Will engage readers of books/papers until ... bio from Twitter

Steve Kinney

Instructor at the Turing School of Software and Design. Recovering New York City public school teacher and non-profit director.

Lee Byron

Designer, Hacker, Infographer Facebook since 2008 React, Immutable-JS bio from Twitter

Aimee Knight

s/figure skater/software engineer. #Node #Angular most of the time, running, podcasts & kombucha, the rest of the time. Contagiously energetic all the time! bio from Twitter

Ryan Holiday

Bestselling author of 'Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator' bio from Twitter

Jason Brown

Web developer, designer, computer programmer, homebrew, and general knowledge enthusiast. bio from Twitter

James Kyle

Code + Apple Jacks. Front End Engineer at CloudFlare. bio from Twitter

Kyle Mathews

Tech entrepreneur hanging out in Silicon Valley bio from Twitter

Brian Lonsdorf

Flowers bio from Twitter

Wayne Elgin

Front-end developer at @cantinac, gamer, amateur everything bio from Twitter

Sean Larkin

Speaker, engineer, #webpack Core Team, Developer Advocate, 🐓 Farmer. Views are my own. @mutualofomaha @Angular CLI team, Chronic Typos. Always bet on JS. bio from Twitter

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ng-europe 2018

France France, Paris

1st2nd February 2018

Zach Holman

currently: founder, @duringapp. previously: @github, @gild. advising: @gitlab, @dockbit. bio from Twitter

Ṁichele Bertoli

Front End Developer at @YPlan. I try to push more deletions than additions. bio from Twitter

Philip Roberts

Technical Co-Founder of @floatapp, Web Developer, Problem Solver. bio from Twitter