Cory House

Pluralsight Author, Software Architect at Vinsolutions, Independent Consultant

Cory is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP in C#, independent consultant, and blogger with 15 years experience in full-stack software ... See full bio

Kansas City in United States

Spoken at 47 events in 5 countries

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Aimee Knight

s/figure skater/software engineer. #Node #Angular most of the time, running, podcasts & kombucha, the rest of the time. Contagiously energetic all the time! bio from Twitter

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Ryan Holiday

Bestselling author of 'Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator' bio from Twitter

Jason Brown

Web developer, designer, computer programmer, homebrew, and general knowledge enthusiast. bio from Twitter

James Kyle

Code + Apple Jacks. Front End Engineer at CloudFlare. bio from Twitter

Kyle Mathews

Tech entrepreneur hanging out in Silicon Valley bio from Twitter

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ReactNext 2017

Israel Israel, Tel Aviv

10th September 2017

Brian Lonsdorf

Flowers bio from Twitter

Wayne Elgin

Front-end developer at @cantinac, gamer, amateur everything bio from Twitter

Sean Larkin

Speaker, engineer, #webpack Core Team, Developer Advocate, πŸ“ Farmer. Views are my own. @mutualofomaha @Angular CLI team, Chronic Typos. Always bet on JS. bio from Twitter

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ng-europe 2018

France France, Paris

1st2nd February 2018

Zach Holman

currently: founder, @duringapp. previously: @github, @gild. advising: @gitlab, @dockbit. bio from Twitter

Ṁichele Bertoli

Front End Developer at @YPlan. I try to push more deletions than additions. bio from Twitter

Philip Roberts

Technical Co-Founder of @floatapp, Web Developer, Problem Solver. bio from Twitter

Leland Richardson

Software Developer & Imagineer. I like learning, discussing, and diving into challenges. Founder of bio from Twitter

Spike Brehm

Front-End Eng at @airbnb, working on Backbone, Node.js, rich web apps. Bassist, funk aficionado.

Sunil Pai

Skinny, smart, sufferin' suckatash. bio from Twitter

Tracy Lee | ladyleet

Love #javascript. My life is hilarious. Sold last startup. Play: @ModernWeb_ @ngcruise @EmberMeetup @EmberSherpa @VentureHacked Track Chair @QConSF bio from Twitter

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Glen Maddern 😎

Local business owner and whipped papaya enthusiast. Creator of Front End Center. Co-creator of styled-components, CSS Modules. Over uses emoji 😎 bio from Twitter

Marc Grabanski πŸ™πŸ’»

Improving how developers learn to write amazing code β€” CEO, @FrontendMasters bio from Twitter

Lin Clark

Developer/communicator working on Drupal's serialization, REST, and HTML data bio from Twitter

Bill Maher

The Official Bill Maher Twitter bio from Twitter

Sam Harris

Author, neuroscientist, Co-founder of Project Reason bio from Twitter