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metaprogramming, fathering, Python, tox, pytest, PyPy, playing Go, thinking about politics, DnB fan, enjoying myself.

Holger Krekel is long-term involved with the Python community. He is best known for founding the PyPy project and as ... See full bio

Freiburg in Germany

Spoken at 14 events in 8 countries

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  1. EuroPython 2016

    Spain Spain, Bilbao

    17th24th July 2016

    holger krekel spoke

  2. PyWaw Summit

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    25th26th May 2015

    holger krekel spoke

  3. Data Terra Nemo

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    23rd24th May 2015

    holger krekel spoke

  4. Devsmeetup Freiburg #14

    Germany Germany, Freiburg

    28th January 2015

    holger krekel attended

  5. Professional Testing with Python

    Germany Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau

    24th26th November 2014

    holger krekel spoke

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