Bostock, S

I don't know, folks. Probably just poisoning the well with Mood Affiliation and attempts to cram meaning into sub-140 lossy weakly-typed medium.

Spoken at 7 events in 3 countries

Bostock, S recently attended

  1. GOTO Berlin 2014

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    5th7th November 2014

    Bostock, S spoke

  2. UX Cambridge 2014

    England England, Cambridge

    10th12th September 2014

    Bostock, S spoke

  3. GOTO Amsterdam 2014

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    18th20th June 2014

    Bostock, S spoke

  4. Digital Impact conference

    England England, London

    18th July 2013

    Bostock, S attended

  5. Congility 2013

    England England, Gatwick

    26th27th June 2013

    Bostock, S spoke

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