Iván de Prado

@datasalt co-founder (http://www.datasalt.com)

Iván de Prado is CEO of Datasalt, a company offering Big Data consulting and which is building innovative open-source products ... See full bio

Madrid in Spain

Spoken at 3 events in 2 countries

Iván de Prado recently attended

  1. Strata Barcelona 2014

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    19th21st November 2014

    Iván de Prado attended

  2. NoSQL matters Barcelona 2013

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    29th30th November 2013

    Iván de Prado attended

  3. Big Data Spain 2013

    Spain Spain, Pozuelo de Alarcón

    7th8th November 2013

    Iván de Prado spoke

  4. Hadoop Summit Europe 2013

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    20th21st March 2013

    Iván de Prado spoke

  5. Big Data Spain 2012

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    16th November 2012

    Iván de Prado spoke

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