Jano González

Programmer, amateur musician, former conference speaker. I've deleted my tweets many times with the hope people will forget I'm a shitposter.

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 14 events in 6 countries

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Matthias Rampke

This Page Intentionally Left Blank. bio from Twitter

Fernando Cejas

| @SoundCloud | Passionate about software engineering | Android. Scala beginner | Speaker | Geek | Curious Learner |

SoundCloud Jobs

All the latest news on jobs in SoundCloud Berlin, San Francisco, London and NYC for skilled developers, designers, marketing and customer support experts! bio from Twitter

Emily Green

I'm a developer, and very happy about it too. bio from Twitter

Vincent Garrigues

Mobile Apps Engineer @SoundCloud bio from Twitter

(╯°□°)╯︵ uɐıʇsɐqǝs

In Berlin. Developer at SoundCloud. bio from Twitter

Guillaume Lung

'I wanted to change the world But I could not even change my underwear' (J.Grant) - Writing tomorrow's legacy software today @SoundCloud. bio from Twitter


Profe de Ingeniería FCFM, Académica @dccuchile, data mining/social network analysis bio from Twitter

Daniel Westheide

Software maker. Scala / Clojure / Ruby. Enthusiastic pen & paper roleplaying gamer. bio from Twitter

Liliana Reyes

Informática de profesión y mamá chocha :) me intereso en temas que me ayuden a realizar mejor mi trabajo y los comparto con quien lo necesite. bio from Twitter

Sam Starling

Backend Engineer for @SoundCloud

[ɾɑɦul gomɑ pʰuloɾe]

A curious sentient transitory existence. Programming languages enthusiast. Scala aficionado. Hemophilic. Indian. Engineer at SoundCloud. Learner for life.


Mobile Engineer @SoundCloud. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. bio from Twitter

R. Tyler Croy

Engineer for Lookout, Inc. PGP Key ID: 3F51E16F bio from Twitter

camila vallejo

Vicepresidenta de la Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile, FECh 2011-2012, Tesista en Geografía de la Universidad de Chile bio from Twitter

Alvaro Graves

PhD. Semantic Guitarist. Data Scientist. [Linked|Open] Data hacker. Visualization maker. Drupalista. I suspect Life is Turing-computable. Opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Tiffany Conroy

Interaction designer. Frontend developer. Cutter of bullshit. Created @weareallawesome. @jsconfeu co-curator. ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS.

Bodo Tasche 🔭

Fighting bits since 1988. Podcasting @bitsofberlin. Helped to organize @eurucamp 2015. Former CTO of @bitcrowd bio from Twitter

Elizabeth R.

{ interests: [software, NLP, typography, politics], side_projects: [@whitenoisenews, @code_rise], auntie_of: 4 } bio from Twitter

Greg Karékinian

Unmutual and disharmonious