Javier García Magna

It all started with a C64...

Pasionate about technologies and coding for more than 20 years already (although it will always look like we've just started!), ... See full bio

Malaga in Spain

Spoken at 5 events in 1 country

Javier García Magna recently attended

  1. React + Redux

    Spain Spain, Malaga

    24th May 2016

    Javier García Magna was involved

  2. .Net Microservices con Event Sourcing, CQRS, Docker y... Windows Server 2016!

    Spain Spain, Malaga

    30th March 2016

    Javier García Magna spoke

  3. MalagaMakers On The Move

    Spain Spain, Marbella

    22nd December 2015

    Javier García Magna attended

  4. Codemotion Madrid 2015

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    27th28th November 2015

    Javier García Magna spoke

  5. MalagaMakers GeekBeers - November Edition

    Spain Spain, Malaga

    5th November 2015

    Javier García Magna spoke

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