Jonas Bonér

Co-founder & CTO Typesafe

Jonas Bonér is a programmer, speaker, writer, Java Champion and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CTO of Typesafe and ... See full bio

Uppsala in Sweden

Spoken at 64 events in 17 countries

Jonas Bonér recently attended

  1. GOTO Copenhagen 2017

    Denmark Denmark, Copenhagen

    1st5th October 2017

    Jonas Bonér spoke

  2. QCon London 2017

    England England, London

    6th10th March 2017

    Jonas Bonér spoke

  3. Voxxed Days Zürich

    Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich

    3rd March 2016

    Jonas Bonér spoke

  4. ScalaMatsuri 2016

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    30th31st January 2016

    Jonas Bonér spoke

  5. Scala eXchange 2015

    England England, London

    10th11th December 2015

    Jonas Bonér spoke

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