J. Boye

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Ana Asnes Becker

Interactive graphics @wsj. Guitar+vox @fruitxflowers, @citymiceband etc. I care about: storytelling+data+design+dev, VR, my bands, your bands. Opinions == mine bio from Twitter

Dráusio (Dee) Rafael Haddad

Design Practice Leader France at IBM Interactive Experience

Nenad Ivanovic

Founder http://www.legeartists.com / Organizer @belgradebehance - Ambassador @99u bio from Twitter

Guilherme Sa

Success Engineer on the move. Seeking opportunities in Bay area. DBC graduate. Former ad tech. bio from Twitter

Amy Cane Dolzine

#ESN Social Engagement, Research & Innovation Lead at EY. Microsoft MVP. Building a Better Working World through Social Collaboration. bio from Twitter

Eric Tabone

Lvl 31 human, chaotic good, 80hp // 22 STR, 17 CON, 15 DEX, 20 INT, 19 WIS, 25 CHA // oversized, -5 athletics, +8 insight, +3 nature, +9 frost resistance bio from Twitter

Rebecca Searles

Journalist and product-person. I write about science, tech, culture, women, and the future. I'm excited for the robot takeover.

Kevin Healy

Independent UI/UX Designer and making beer at Staggering Brews bio from Twitter


DBLG is a design-led creative agency. It's home to a team of highly ambitious creative designers, animators and innovative thinkers. bio from Twitter

Lien De Leenheer

Has an opinion. Views = mine. European. Passion for all things beautiful(ly made). Freelance Digital communication and Digital collaboration expert. bio from Twitter

Sherine Kazim

Designer, advisor and maker of all things UX. bio from Twitter

James Brouard

A Creative at heart, one who believes in working smarter not harder. Passionate about technology and travel, lover of adventure. bio from Twitter


A design firm. bio from Twitter

emma jane

Enthusiastic team lead, recovering developer, feminist, Scotch drinker, crafty advocate, erstwhile beekeeper, and small town champion. Author of Git for Teams. bio from Twitter

Paul Mckelvie

Visual Creative - Stills / Timelapse / Film / Business (Occasional waffle) bio from Twitter

Anna Kadric

Global head of social media @ArrowGlobal. Proud mum of 2 & #vegetarian. #digital #SocialMedia #languages #intranet. Views expressed are my own, not my company's bio from Twitter

Danielle Brigida

I work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (@USFWS). I’m looking to learn & laugh. Interests include: nature, animals, science, and technology.