Jesse Cravens

CTO, O'Reilly Technical Author

Jesse Cravens is the Co-Founder & CTO of Den. Formerly, Jesse was an Engineering Director and Sr. Principal Platform Architect ... See full bio

Austin in United States

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  1. FITC Toronto 2015

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    12th14th April 2015

    Jesse Cravens spoke

  2. Future of Web Apps Boston (JavaScript)

    United States United States, Boston

    27th29th October 2014

    Jesse Cravens spoke

  3. Rocky Mountain Ruby 2014

    United States United States, Boulder

    24th26th September 2014

    Jesse Cravens spoke

  4. Future Insights Live 2014

    United States United States, Las Vegas

    16th20th June 2014

    Jesse Cravens spoke

  5. Code PaLOUsa 2014

    United States United States, Louisville

    24th26th February 2014

    Jesse Cravens spoke

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