Jeff Blankenburg

I do mobile.

Westerville in United States

Spoken at 13 events in 2 countries

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MoDev is a community of mobile developers and designers with meetups and conferences across the country. Next events; MoDevEast and the CES 2013 Hackathon! bio from Twitter

Tony Hawk

professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, food glutton & public skatepark defender. I'm old; get over it. bio from Twitter

Felienne Hermans

Assistant Professor at @serg_delft. I like programming, public speaking, spreadsheets, running, software research, lindyhop, Lego Mindstorms, gaming and movies. bio from Twitter


Husband, father, president/founder, consultant, software developer with a passion for .Net, the web, and doing software right. It's all about Right'in Code

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Heather Downing

Senior Developer, Mobility & Innovation at VML

curtis cockerham

Your neighborhood friendly programming merc with a mouth

Jimmy Bogard

I accept pull requests bio from Twitter

Michael Dowden

Entrepreneur. Coder. Gamer. Geek. With Liberty & Justice for all.

Rob Winch

Open source enthusiast; Project Lead for @SpringSecurity bio from Twitter

Brent Stewart

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Developer, Maker, Consultant, and more...

Arthur Doler

Budding Professional Speaker and Anxiety-Haver

David Blevins

A founder of the Apache TomEE, OpenEJB and Geronimo projects. JCP participant in JavaEE and EJB. Lightweight JavaEE advocate. Proud Chief of @Tomitribe bio from Twitter

Justin James

Developer and Speaker from Arizona. Mainly focused on web development. Been loving angular and ionic the last several months.

David W. Body

Generalist software developer, Ruby, Clojure, Emacs. Runner. Liberal. bio from Twitter

Jennifer Wadella

Force of nature. Software Engineer. #nastyAF Foodie. #kcnative. Furbaby momma. Mastermind behind @KCWomeninTech @CoderDojoKC @CodeCocktailsKC @CodeCupcakesKC

Kevin Pilch-Bisson

Dev Lead for C# and VB IntelliSense/Refactoring/etc for the Roslyn project at Microsoft, husband, father of three. bio from Twitter

Heather Wilde

Unicorn Whisperer, CTO, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Speaker @ROCeteer_inc @Inc @Forbes

Kevin Jones

Legendary insomniac, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP. @Thycotic / @LogicBoost developer. bio from Twitter