Jemima Gibbons

Social media & content strategist | optimist | sun-lover, tea drinker | #techmums champion | author #MonkeysWithTypewriters (book/blog) | #ABeachWithWiFi (blog)

Jemima Gibbons is a social media and content strategist. Her clients have ranged from SMEs and micro-businesses to well-known brands ... See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 6 events in 3 countries

Jemima Gibbons recently attended

  1. Thinking Digital 2016

    England England, Gateshead

    10th11th May 2016

    Jemima Gibbons attended

  2. Thinking Digital London

    England England, London

    15th16th March 2016

    Jemima Gibbons attended

  3. Thinking Digital Manchester

    England England, Manchester

    2nd3rd November 2015

    Jemima Gibbons attended

  4. SXSE London 2014

    England England, London

    24th November 2014

    Jemima Gibbons spoke

  5. Meaning 2014

    England England, Brighton

    18th November 2014

    Jemima Gibbons attended

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