John Britton

Hacker At-Large. Curious. College escapee. World traveling vagabond. Education Liaison @github. Volunteer @p2pu. Mozillian. @twilio alum.

New York in United States

Spoken at 21 events in 9 countries

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Karthik Ram

Scientist at UC Berkeley Institute for Global Change Biology & fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. Runner, open science. Co-founder of @ropensci bio from Twitter

Michał Budzyński

@Boot2Gecko developer at @Mozilla. ❤ TV Series & Tabasco. @onGameStart & @AntarcticJS sensei.

Dan Walmsley

CTO at @NationBuilder, the essential toolkit for a new generation of leaders and creators. Elsewhere, you may find me performing comedy and music. bio from Twitter


GitHubber, booty-shaker, rabid reader, lamb(eating)-lover, aspiring pastry maker, future Bed-and-Bar owner bio from Twitter

Jess Livoti-Morales

She will notice someday that even the words we use for girls are dismissive: bossy, feisty, opinionated. -Anna Quindlen bio from Twitter

Mark Birch

NYC Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, and Helmet Wearer

Adam Siemiginowski

I fight to solve the right problems, simply. I work on retail design build automation @procterandgamble. I'm kickstarting the #CleanwebNYC dev community. bio from Twitter


Continuous Integration Evangelist @q42. Love to go snowboarding. Passionnate about great espresso bio from Twitter

Scott Heiferman

Meetup CEO bio from Twitter

amanda peyton

@grandst, china(town), adventures, etc. the story of my avatar: https://medium.com/collecting-art/3d26424537aa bio from Twitter


NYU computer science professor. Academic Entrepreneur/Holistic CS educator. Intersection of NY startup world & academia. computers & society. K-12 CS education. bio from Twitter

Brian Lopez

Food, wine and coffee. In every city I can. Code writer at @github bio from Twitter

Amy Ellis

Head of Integrations and Partnerships for MailChimp.com. Dog-rescuer, crossword-puzzle-doer, roller skater. bio from Twitter

John Hyland

Software Engineer by day and club DJ by night, John is passionate about complex systems of all sorts. bio from Twitter

Gary Bernhardt

hey just wondering if there's some programming language that has lazy lists and lots of monads? haven't heard of one yet (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ bio from Twitter

Ben Bleything

The Puget Sound Convergence Zone's leading expert on Clown Computering

Adam Roben

Developer, GitHub

Andrew Hsu

20yo Entrepreneur. Founder of Airy Labs... combining gaming, education, and neuroscience. Also an author, volunteer, and tech geek. Was @ Stanford Neuro PhD. bio from Twitter

Deniz Gültekin

Into random acts of collaboration, live music & bourbon. Marketing & Employment Brand @Eventbrite. Past Acts: @Wikipedia & @CampusParty bio from Twitter