Jonathan Marcil

Information security and Web AppSec. OWASP Montreal chapter leader.

Jonathan likes being involved in many communities events and in ConFoo, he keeps track of security related talks and OWASP ... See full bio

Montreal in Canada

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

Jonathan Marcil recently attended

  1. ConFoo 2014

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    26th28th February 2014

    Jonathan Marcil spoke

  2. ConFoo 2013

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    25th February to 1st March 2013

    Jonathan Marcil attended

  3. Application Security Forum - Western Switzerland

    Switzerland Switzerland, Yverdon

    6th8th November 2012

    Jonathan Marcil spoke

  4. ConFoo 2012

    Canada Canada, Montreal

    27th February to 2nd March 2012

    Jonathan Marcil was involved

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