Jon Henshaw


Jon Henshaw is the co-founder of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, an online marketing management and reporting platform. He has been ... See full bio

Nashville in United States

Spoken at 11 events in 2 countries

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Yuri Victor

Designer. Coder. Journalist. San Diego Union-Tribune. /// I love you. bio from Twitter

Pamela Lund

Pay-per-click marketing consultant. Sustainable & natural food advocate. Sports enthusiast. bio from Twitter

Mamun Ahmed

Building something, growth strategy/marketing consultant. Love playing with codes, UX/UI nazi, coffee drinker, internet addict, owner of a dodgy keyboard. Ask! bio from Twitter

Jeremy Walker

Geek · Software Developer · Coffee Nerd · Climber · Friend · Digital Nomad · Co-Founder & CTO at Meducation

James Perrin

Content Marketing Manager at Koozai, a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Southampton. Specialises in writing web content for Koozai and their clients. bio from Twitter

Roger Stringer

Founder of TheInterviewr, code monkey, freelancer, twilio & wordpress consultant, web developer, webmaster, dad, author, chef, blogger, gamer, twilio cookbook bio from Twitter

Patrick Coombe

stealth SEO assassin, 100 confirmed kills bio from Twitter

Brad Touesnard

Founder of @wpappstore. Co-founder of @zenutech web hosting. Captain of @rcultimate. @wordpress developer. bio from Twitter

WP Engine

Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting. Contact support via @WPEsupport. Go to http://wpengine.com for 24/7 ticket support, and 9-6p CST Live Chat. bio from Twitter


A product design company since 1998. bio from Twitter

Karen O'Brien

Marketing executive with a love for social business, mobile, gaming. Vintage fashion junkie/ canuck. Sr. Director, Global Social for Western Union. bio from Twitter

Jamie Pappas

Love #SocialMedia, #SocBiz, #Digital #Mktg. Wife of @PappasNick, #Mom, #Poet, #Taurus. @Akamai doing #Brand, #Marketing, #SocBiz, #Web. All opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Damian Madray

Founder of @hunieco and co-founded @followTheGlint. bio from Twitter

Julia Rosien

SEO/SM Strategist, #140confONT co-founder #140conf NYC Speaker, @WithIt Prez, Sunshine Duchess & Evangelist, Traveler, Owner of SocialNorth.com @GoGirlfriend bio from Twitter

Sharon Herzog

Data-Driven, Highly-Caffeinated Entrepreneur who frequently has lunch with the wizard himself at SEXWAX, Inc. @MrZogsSexWax #WomenInTech #Entrepreneur bio from Twitter

steve olenski

@Forbes @HuffPost (among others) contributor - #DistillerOfTruth Writer/Adv & Mktg Junkie/Massive Coffee Imbiber-@OracleMktgCloud Sr Writer-All Tweets are mine. bio from Twitter

Stephen Duckworth

#WordPress website builder, amateur digital photographer, improving #blogger and Everton fan. Owner @firepress. bio from Twitter

UX How

UX How is your resource for product User Experience (UX) design “how to” articles, examples and insights from Troy Parke - Sr. UX Design Manager @bigfishgames bio from Twitter

Laurent Boninfante

Search (PPC & SEO), digital and social Marketing practitioner, an Android (mobile) & Apple (not mobile) fan, Bi-lingual FR/EN, food lover, pinball addict.. bio from Twitter