Jordan Kasper

Tinkerer, puzzler, developer, gamer - and I've been called worse. This is what I do, and the things I love. I've been doing them all my life

Shortly after it arrived at his home in 1993, Jordan began disassembling his first computer - his mother was not ... See full bio

Washington in United States

Spoken at 30 events in 4 countries

Jordan Kasper recently attended

  1. ConFoo Vancouver 2017

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    4th6th December 2017

    Jordan Kasper spoke

  2. php[world] 2017

    United States United States, Washington

    13th16th November 2017

    Jordan Kasper spoke

  3. Dutch PHP Conference 2017

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    29th June to 1st July 2017

    Jordan Kasper spoke

  4. Music City Code 2017

    United States United States, Tennessee

    1st3rd June 2017

    Jordan Kasper spoke

  5. ConnectJS (CONNECT.TECH)

    United States United States, Atlanta

    20th22nd October 2016

    Jordan Kasper spoke

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