Eagle Kalderimis

CEO of Travis CI. Shipping technical debt daily. Studying Thought Leadership 101 under the wise @roidrage.

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Eagle Kalderimis recently attended

  1. RubyConf Australia 2014

    Australia Australia, North Sydney

    19th21st February 2014

    Eagle Kalderimis attended

  2. JRubyConf EU 2013

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    14th15th August 2013

    Eagle Kalderimis spoke

  3. Pusher & Travis CI Coffee Meetup

    England England, London

    24th June 2013

    Eagle Kalderimis attended

  4. Mix-IT 2013

    France France, Lyon

    25th26th April 2013

    Eagle Kalderimis spoke

  5. AdhearsionConf 2012

    United States United States, Palo Alto

    20th21st October 2012

    Eagle Kalderimis spoke

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