Justin Rusbatch

Justin is an open source developer with a passion for simplicity. He is the creator of Compilify.net and a core ... See full bio

Harrisburg in United States

Spoken at 9 events in 6 countries

Justin Rusbatch recently attended

  1. Techorama

    Belgium Belgium, Mechelen

    12th13th May 2015

    Justin Rusbatch spoke

  2. .NET Fringe Conference

    United States United States, Portland

    12th14th April 2015

    Justin Rusbatch spoke

  3. CodeMash 2015

    United States United States, Sandusky

    6th9th January 2015

    Justin Rusbatch attended

  4. NDC Oslo 2014

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    2nd6th June 2014

    Justin Rusbatch spoke

  5. DevSum14

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    21st23rd May 2014

    Justin Rusbatch spoke

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