Julien Genestoux

Superfeedr's tireless butler, assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure.

Spoken at 9 events in 5 countries

Julien Genestoux recently attended

  1. BlendWebMix

    France France, Lyon

    28th29th October 2015

    Julien Genestoux attended

  2. Take Off 2014

    France France, Lille

    30th31st January 2014

    Julien Genestoux attended

  3. JSConf EU 2013

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    14th15th September 2013

    Julien Genestoux spoke

  4. IndieWebCampUK

    England England, Brighton

    7th8th September 2013

    Julien Genestoux attended

  5. La Conf Paris 2013

    France France, Paris

    9th10th May 2013

    Julien Genestoux attended

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