Jeff Pasch

LMS Product Director at New York University

Jeff Pasch is the LMS Product Director at NYU. He works closely with faculty stakeholders, designers, developers, and testers to ... See full bio

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Jeff Pasch recently attended

  1. Sakai Virtual Conference 2015

    4th November 2015

    Jeff Pasch spoke

  2. Open Apereo 2015 Conference

    United States United States, Baltimore

    31st May to 4th June 2015

    Jeff Pasch spoke

  3. Sakai Virtual Conference 2014

    7th November 2014

    Jeff Pasch spoke

  4. Open Apereo 2014 Conference

    United States United States, Miami

    1st5th June 2014

    Jeff Pasch spoke

  5. Apereo Camp 2014

    United States United States, Mesa

    27th30th January 2014

    Jeff Pasch spoke

  6. Open Apereo 2013 Conference (Jasig & Sakai)

    United States United States, San Diego

    2nd7th June 2013

    Jeff Pasch attended

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